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Shelly, Wyrack, Beauregard, and Mr. Nak took part in the book Iron Man. Shelly is really honest and open to everyone because she always listens to human beings and trys to enable them with their difficulties. She is also very kind and trust worthy because she will listen to most people and no tell any of their secrets. When everyday people have a big conflict Shelly is very helpful on trying to make it better. Wyrack is very competitive and mean because he will do anything to win he would even hurt somebody. He is selfish and short tempered because if he doesn’t win he will get real mad and start to go crazy. Because of all these charteristics he is very hard working in order to be the best. Beauregard also known as a Brewster is extremely determined and hot tempered because if he doesn’t get to the goal he is trying to achive he easily becomes mad. When it comes to athletics Brewster is an achiever and very athletic because he always trys to be the best. Even thoe he seems to be a “tough guy” he is very sensitive when it comes to his family. Mr Nack is determined and helpful because he listens to kids problems all day and always tries his best to facilitate them. He is also honest and open because when kids tell him their stories he always tries to give out the best solution. Most of all, Mr. Nack is a very kind because he devotes his whole day to helping children and his family.

The setting of this book compares to Williamsville today. It also has teenagers struggling with the same conflicts as we do today. The teenagers growing up all have different cultures and backgrounds just like a normal society.

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